My friend is so lucky

My friend is so lucky
He’s free of such cares
As bosses and paychecks
And this and that shares.

His life is so simple
What he has to do
Just get up and go
And nap a bit too

His days are his own
At least more than mine are
Because or despite that
His needs are refined more.

There is little waste
Or conspicuous consumption.
Devotion to progress
Or obsession with function.

Of things to take care of
He has his fair share
But for bosses and deadlines
He has not a care

So I watch him now
Wonder what I’m missing
What is so out of kilter
About my life mission

And I see that it isn’t
Just me that’s amiss
And I see that our species
Hasn’t quite nailed bliss

We’ve been with them forever
Many thousand of years
But what have we learned
From our friends with dog ears?

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