On the friction of progress

If we are to believe that the human animal is progressing; That we are better than we were and that we continue to improve; That previous forms of government and economy were lacking compared to their modern counterparts — is it not then inevitable that we will one day look back at our vaunted capitalism and democracy as woefully misguided, ignorant attempts at what we have come to believe is the ideal?  Is humanity destined to live out its destiny endlessly mocking what has proceeded it, reveling in its current genius and holding its collective breath for the utopia just around the corner?

If tomorrow is always going to be better than today
than this moment is always wrecked
and we are destined
to be miserable, presently.

What exactly is the point
of a life that is nothing more
than the endless replacement
of the old with the new?

*With a tip of the hat to John Gray.

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