An exquisite equipoise.

Though we sometimes lose our way we have an impressive ability to balance the particular and the general. Simultaneously able to understand the difference between dogs and a dog we don’t accidentally take home the wrong dog or think our dog categorically unique.

If only we maintained the same subtle and agile perspective when it comes to the world we inhabit. Would that we were so worldly in our understanding of our selves.

Instead we clumsily try and make the two one rather than letting the coming together of opposites yield a fruitful and dynamic third: me as me and me as a manifestation. Both are true and each is only part of the story.

We present ourselves, online, on paper and through description as a collection of facts, details, measurements. We live more fluidly always presenting a challenging to the limitations of our piecemeal understanding. So we must constantly update our profile. We are the urburus, foolish serpent chasing its tail hoping to come full circle not seeing that life is a spiral and will not yield so easily to our designs.

imbalance in this understanding leads us to think we can create anything we want. And we have created some spectacular breeds, that suffer through life with myriad ailments our designs oblivious to the realities of change. Using our science to ignore what it has taught us we act as if our meddling will not have unforeseen consequences.

It seems that the quantum world stands in relation to the Newtonian in the same way the Right Hemisphere’s perspective stands in relation to the Left’s. While ultimately incompatible the presence of both underscores nothing less than reality.

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