If we are to believe that the human animal is progressing; That we are better than we were and that we continue to improve; That previous forms of government and …

trigger, noun. “An event that is the cause of a particular action, process, or situation.” or “An event that precipitates other events.” That being said if I do my job …

Though we sometimes lose our way we have an impressive ability to balance the particular and the general. Simultaneously able to understand the difference between dogs and a dog we …

I’ve heard your story
like mine full of
poignant moments
pain and disappointment.

The same one
sad inspiring
trite heroic
and animal.

I want my tale
to be more dramatic
than yours.

And then I see
at the crossroads
that it must be
as all is like this.

And accept that there
is nothing to be gained
comparing the degrees
of our humanity.